1. Wrapping Haptic Displays Around Robot Arms to Communicate Learning
    Antonio Alvarez Valdivia,  Soheil Habibian, Carly A. Mendenhall, Francesco Fuentes, Ritish Shailly, Dylan P. Losey, and Laura H. Blumenschein
  2. RILI: Robustly Influencing Latent Intent
    Sagar Parekh,  Soheil Habibian, and Dylan P Losey
    IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)
  3. Encouraging Human Interaction With Robot Teams: Legible and Fair Subtask Allocations
    Soheil Habibian, and Dylan P. Losey
    IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L)
  4. Here’s What I’ve Learned: Asking Questions That Reveal Reward Learning
    Soheil Habibian, Ananth Jonnavittula, and Dylan P. Losey
    ACM Transactions on Human-Robot Interaction (THRI)
  5. Evaluation of Two Complementary Modeling Approaches for Fiber-reinforced Soft Actuators
    Soheil Habibian, Benjamin B Wheatley, Suehye Bae, Joon Shin, and Keith W. Buffinton
    ROBOMECH Journal
  6. Contemporary Research Trends in Response Robotics
    Mehdi Dadvar, and Soheil Habibian
    ROBOMECH Journal


  1. Design and Implementation of a Maxi-sized Mobile Robot (Karo) for Rescue Missions
    Soheil Habibian, Mehdi Dadvar, Behzad Peykari, Alireza Hosseini, M Hossein Salehzadeh, Alireza HM Hosseini, and Farshid Najafi
    ROBOMECH Journal


  1. Investigating the Mechanics of Human-centered Soft Robotic Actuators With Finite Element Analysis
    Keith W Buffinton, Benjamin B Wheatley,  Soheil Habibian, Joon Shin, Brielle H Cenci, and Amanda E Christy
    IEEE International Conference on Soft Robotics (RoboSoft)


  1. Analysis and Control of Fiber-Reinforced Elastomeric Enclosures (FREEs)
    Soheil Habibian
    Bucknell University